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Team Photos, Mostly December 2001 January 2002

December 2001 January 2002 November 2002
Ref: R704 R705 R706 R708 R709 R712 R713 R714 R715

Thanks for sharing and retweeting these pics. Quite a few clubs are not on Facebook or Twitter and others have folded. Please share these photos on the internet as best you can as a lot of work has gone into scanning them. When sharing individual photos on social media, please credit @CorkBilly on Facebook . Be sure too to download and keep copies for your own club.

* This is the end of the negatives that have been scanned one by one over the past few years. Note that the dates for some of the later references here may not be entirely accurate - the changeover to digital wasn't the smoothest!
Clare maybe late 02 R714
Passage 2002 maybe R715

Cork AUL juniors maybe late 02 R714
Ard-na-Laoi Ballincollig Referee Nov 02

Ard-na-Laoi (v Ballincollig) Nov 02

 Ballincollig Nov 02
Crescent Ath Dec01 R705
Blarney Utd v Mayfield Dec 01 R706

Togher Rvrs Dec01 R705
Blackstone Action Dec 01

Blackstone team Dec 01

Central Rvs Dec01 R704

Killeady Celtic Dec01 R704

Knocknaheeny Cel Dec01 R704

Grattan 18s LC win Jan 02 R708

Grattan 18s LC win Jan 02 R708
Blarney Utd (v St Mls) Referees Jan 02 No 2 R709

Blarney Utd (v St Mls) Jan 02 No 2 R709