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Cork Youth League Results

Action and Teams Dec 02 & Jan 03

December 2002 January 2003
Ref: CD4 

These pics are all digital. The changeover wasn't 100% smooth. Some dates may be inaccurate; some photos got lost and other may be duplicated in different batches. Still plenty to slag about though!
Thanks for sharing and retweeting these pics. Quite a few clubs are not on Facebook or Twitter and others have folded. Please share these photos on the internet as best you can as a lot of work has gone into them. When sharing individual photos on social media, please credit @CorkBilly on Facebook . Be sure too to download and keep copies for your own club.

Cork AULx (red) v Clarex DL January 2003

Crescentx Athletic (stripes)v Dunbarx Celtic October 2002

Mayfieldx v Grattanx Dec 2002



Togherx Rovers v Coachfordx December 2002



Villagex Utd (red) v Pearsex Celtic Jan 2003

Dillon'sx Coachfordx Shakehands Jan 2003

Killinardrishx 13s Jan 2003