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Chasing Trophies May 1994

Chasing Trophies May 1994 
Ref: R198, R199
Ballincolligx May 94 R199

Grattanx AOH semi May 94 R199

Mayfieldx May 94 R199

Passagex 16.05.94 R199

Templex Team-of-Month May 94 R199
Kinsalex G Rice pen save May 94 R198

Macroomx 18s 2nd Div YC r-up No 2 May 94 R198

Mayfieldx 18s May 94 R198

Passagex 2nd Div Yth Cup winners May 94 R198

Refereesx of the Year Denis Donovan May 94 R198

Rockmountx 18s May 94 R198

Rockmount Harry Peglar John Delea May 94 R198