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Passage AFC Photographs From 80s and 90s

Passage AFC Photographs Mostly From 80s and 90s and Mostly From Negatives. Part 1.

Many more pics from later years, mainly from digital files, are now published in Part 2. Check them out here.

Passage St Ml's semi Apr 83 C15

2A Champs 20.04.08

AOH final action May 97 R359

Passage Ml's Cup No 3 Apr 96



Passage 2nd Div Yth Cup winners May 94 R198

Passage 12s

Passage 16.05.94 R199

Passage 18s Mar 95 R235

Passage 18s May 92 R127

Passage 21.05.94 R200

Passage (v Bandon) Apr 01 R661

Passage (v Casement) Apr 99 R497

Passage (v Churchvilla) Sep 98 R435

Passage (v Greenmount Oct 98) R450

Passage (v Killowen) Dec 98 R466

Passage (v Park) Oct 00 R618

Passage (v Rockville) Mar  01 R654

Passage AOH celebrate May 97 R362

Passage AOH extra time May 97 R362

Passage AOH final May 97 R359

Passage AOH final No 1 May 93 R162

Passage AOH final No 2 May 93 R162

Passage AOH K Cogan May 97 R362

Passage AOH May 98 R 423

Passage AOH No 1 Jun 94 R203

Passage AOH No 2 Jun 94 R203

Passage AOH No 3 Jun 94 R204

Passage AOH No 4 Jun 94 R204

Passage Apr 93 R157

Passage Aug 87 R34

Passage B Beale pen save W'loo Sep 97 R373

Passage C ( v Casement) Dec 98 R469

Passage Chopper and Touche Jan 96 R281

Passage Clubhouse Jan 93 R144

Passage Co Cup final May 87 R28

Passage Comm. OCT 92 R137

Passage Crn Cup final May 93 R159

Dec 94 No 2 R223

Passage Dec 94 No 3 R223

Dec 94 R223

Passage extra time W'loo Sep 97 R373

Passage FAI area final Jan 94 R187

Passage Feb 87 R25

Passage Four Murphys Feb 87 R25

Passage goal AOH semi May 96 R300

Passage James Jordan Sep 91 R106

Passage Kind h'ball Bandon Sep 97 R374

Passage M McAuliffe Golden B Aug 98 R429

Passage Man of Match St Ml's Apr 96 R297

Passage Mar 96 R295

Passage May 85 A7

Passage Ml's Cup Apr 96 R297

Passage Mngr of Year Aug 94 R210

Passage Murphy YC final May-Jun 01 R676

Passage Nov 01 R699

Passage Nov 97 R383

Passage Oct 83 C2

Passage Paul Coughlan Oct 92 R134

Passage Prem Lge No 1 May 95 R249

Passage Prem Lge No 2 May 95 R249

Passage Rvrs Nov 96 R328

Passage Rvrs Oct 96 R322

Passage Sep 01 No 2 R688

Passage Sep 01 R688

Passage Sep 85 R02

Passage Sep 89 R69

Passage Shootout v Crnthns Oct 95 R269

Passage St Ml's semi Apr 83 C15

Passage Team of Month Oct 92 R134. Passagex

Passage Team undated

Passage Tom Hanlon scores FAI pen Jan 96 R281

Passage U17s v Glebe N Feb 91 R90

Passage U17s v Glebe N No 2 Feb 91 R90

Passage v Park Jan 98 R398

Passage W Aug 96 R312

Passage W Jan 96 R281

Passage W Mar 96 R294

Passage W mngr John Murphy Nov 95 R274

Passage W Nov 96 R328

Passage Wndrs AUG 95 R261

Passage Wndrs Dec 94 R223

Passage Wndrs Nov 95 R274

Passage Wndrs R's Up Pres final May 88

Passage won Lr Harb tour Jul 93

Passage Youths Jun 85 A5

Passage undated

PassageYouths undated

Shake hands Carrig Passage

Passage Ml's Cup No 3 Apr 96 R297