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Photos of Cork Football Referees 1980-2009

Photos of Cork Football Referees 1980-2009
It's been a few months, as predicted, but I've now posted the final pic in this collection.

09.02.22 Kinsale Iorras Aon, FAI Junior Cup

"Pulling my leg ref?" got a few players booked over the years.
But not in this Castleview v Glenthorn game 08.12.20 where ref Tony Murphy came to the rescue.
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Tom McCarthy, Alan Guerin (Rathcoole cap.), Steven O'Connell (referee), Conor Farrell (Ballincollig cap.) and Damien O'Mahony. Corinthians Cup final, Turner's Cross, 15.05.08, Ballincollig 0 Rathcoole Rovers 2

Grattan Pike 03.02.07

AUL Annual Awards 24.08.06

Ref keeps an eye on it as supporters keep coming in! - (Undated, probably 2005/06)

Mayfield Ballyphehane 04.04.06

Ballincollig Passage President's Cup final 12.05.06

Saxone Cup final at the Cross (l to r): assistant referee Tony Thompson, Passage captain Kevin McCarthy, referee Tony Murphy, Dunbar skipper Gary Tobin and assistant referee Con Long. Murphy's Stout Saxone Cup final, Turner's Cross, 16.04.05, Dunbar Celtic 0 Passage 2. -- Billy Lyons

FAI U17 final Maymount lose to Wembley at Turner's Cross

FAI U17 semi-final Maymount win over Sligo Rvrs at Turner's Cross

Grattan v Villa 30.03.04

Cork Soccer Honours 9 2001 R700
Rory O'Connor, Charlie Hurley, Tony O'Sullivan, Tom Fitzgerald.

Soccer Honours #18 Nov99 R536 Sammy Spillane, above and below

Everton Temple Murph Cup final May 99 R496

Refs Leeside Crnthns Ml's final Apr 98 R414

Referees May 95 R247

Hibernians Ref E Fitz Passage  May 95 R245

Ref of Year Aug 94 R210
Willie Long, Jim McGrath, Denis Donovan (Ref of the Year) and Eddie Mullins

Hibs Rockmount Refs Jan 92 R116

Passage U17s v Glebe N No 2 Feb 91 R90

Referees J Bird AOH final May 88 R48
Referee Jack Murphy Sep 88 R52
Referee Barry Notley  R58 Jan 89
Referee Cyril Morley JanFeb 89 R58
Referee Tony Britton Janfeb89 R58
Referee Bill Killackey Mar 89 R60

Referee Pat Coleman JanFeb89 R58

Midleton. East Cork Cup. Sean Barry Jun 86 R14

Flower Lodge Aug 1986. "Ireland X1 v Liverpool" Ref: John Spillane

Ballyvolane- Referees- Mallow. FAI area Feb 86 R6

FAI area Mary's Temple Feb 85 A12
Referees AOH final May 85 A7
AOH Final refs May 87 R28
Springfield celebrations May 84 B11
J Warren Ref of Year May 82
E Mullins Ref of Year 80-81 Jan 82
Referees for Ballyclough v Bweeng 1980

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Referee Tony Hennessy Mar 86 R08

Referees AOH final May 86 R12

East Cork Cup (Midleton) Midleton Jun 86 R14

Referee Derry Barrett 25th anniv AUG 85 R1

Murphy Cup final refs May 87 R29

Refs Coca final Cullinane Foley Browne May 87 R30

REfs M Foley T Cannon J Collins AUG 87 R33
Referee Christy Byrne Oct 87 R37

Ref Richie Browne Mar 89
Ref Sam Spillane Apr 89
Ref Sean Barry Mar 89
Referee Pat Walsh May 89
Bandon Temple AOH final May 89 R65
Referee Joe O'Keeffe AUG 89 R67
Referee Noel Quirke AUG 89 R68
Referee Denis Collins Sep 89 R69
Referee Eamonn Fitzgerald Sep 89 R69
Referee Christy Byrne Nov 89 R70
Referee Tony Thompson Nov 89 R70
Referee Billy Falvey Oct 89 R72
Referee Ml O'Farrell Oct 89 R72
Referee Rory J O'Connor Oct 89 R72
Referee Ml Lyons Apr 90 R77
Referee Bertie Stark Apr 90 R78
Referee Declan O'Rourke Apr 90 R78
Referee Tom Tully Apr 90 R78

Ref Keith Spoonley watches Mayfield R Cuthbert on ball v Temple Sep 90 R84
Referee Ollie Carroll Sep 90 R85
Referee Noel Kearney Nov 90 R88
Referee Peter O'Sulli Dec 90 R89
Referee Denis O'Donovan Feb 91 R90
Referee Brian O'Regan Mar 91 R92
Referee Paddy O'Callaghan Mar 91 R92
Referee Derry Sexton
Referee Tom Tully
Dunbar Villa AOH final May 91 R99
Referees AOH final May 91 R99

Referee Con Dineen Sep 91 R104

Referee Martin O'Leary R104
Murphy's - 1 Sep 91 R105

Murphy's - 1 Sep 91 R105
Dunbar Cel Shield win NO 3 Dec 91 R112

Ref Paul McCarthy Jan 82 R117
Referee Denis Donovan Apr 92 R123
Ref of Year R Gregan Apr 92 R124
Brooklodge Utd Co Cup win No 2 May 92 R125
Castleview Linnane No 3 May 92 R125
Referee Fred Murray May 92 R125
Refs Inspectrs O'Dea's Pub May 92 R125
Refs AOH final May 92 R126
Ref Derry Barrett AUG 92 R129
FAI area final refs caps 10.01.93 R141
Referee Eamonn Fitzgerald Jan 93 R142
Referee Jim Fitzpatrick Jan 93 R142
Referee Eddie Mullins Jan 93 R144
Referee Fred Murray Jan 93 R144
Ref Tony Hennessey Feb 93 R145
Ref Barry Kearney Feb 93 R147
Ref Rory O'Connor No 3 Oct 92 R134
Ref Rory O'Connor No 4 Oct 92 R134
Ref Rory O'Connor No 6 Oct 92 R134
Ref Rory O'Connor No 7 Oct 92 R134
Ref Gene Stephens Dec 92 R138

Grattan injury Mar 93 R153
Referee of Year B Falvey Apr 93 No4 R154
Fly Boy May  R159
Referee Finbarr Bevan May 93 R160

Referee Billy Falvey May 93 R161
Referee Billy Falvey No2 May 93 R161
AOH final No 1 May 93 R159

Referee Pat O'Mahony Jul 93 R171

Referee Derry Sexton Sep 93 R175
Referee Ml Lyons Sep 93 R176
Referee Liam Amphlet Sep 93 R178
Ref Gene Stephens Dec 93 R182
Ref Michael O'Farrell Dec 93 R182
Ref Sean Manley Dec 93 R182
Ref Frank Murphy Dec 93 R183
Ref Kieran Bridgeman Dec 93 R183

Ref Pat Walsh Feb 94 R190

Ref John O'Donovan R191 Feb 94
Ref Mark O'Flynn Feb 94 R191
Ref Martin Dorrity Mar 94 R192

Referee of the Year May 94 R198
Ref Martin O'Leary May 94 R200
Sax Cup final Refs May 94 R202

 Ref Sep 94 R212.

 Ref Rbt Gregan Sep 94 R212.

 Ref Ollie Carroll Sep 94 R212.

Ref Gene Stephens Sep 94 R212.

Christy Byrne  Sep 94 R212.

Referees Committee Nov 94 R219

Referees J O'Leary C Dineen O Carroll Dec 94 R220

O. Carroll

J O'Leary

C Dineen

Cork Soccer Honours Dec 94 R221

Cork Soccer Honours Dec 94 R221

Cork Soccer Honours Dec 94 R222

Ref Peter O'Sullivan. Park v Glanmire Feb 95 R232
Referee Pat Clancy Mar 95 r234
Passage Kanturk Referee Mar 95 R235
Hibernians Corinthians Referee Mar 95 R236
Bandon v Ballincollig Mar 95 R237
Waterloo Referee Castle Celtic Mar 95 R238
Albert Tramore Referee Mar 95 R239

Referees Rockmount Mayfield May 95 R246 U17 LC final

Refs Linnane May 95 R247

Temple, Ref, Greenmount May 95 R247
Hillington Brooklodge Ml's final May 95 R248
M OFlynn T Bradley P Clancy Pres final May 95 R248
Referees Murphy Cup semi May 95 R250

Referees Mur Cup final Jun 95 R251
Referee Tony Buttimer Aug95 R262
Sean Barry Ref of Year Aug 95 R262

T Fitz E McGeough Oct 95 R272

Mayfield  Ber. Mikesy Dessie Hillington Nov 95 R273

Cork AUL 18s v Clare & Refs Nov 95 R276

Bandon Town v Leeside Dec 95 R278
Referee Tony Thompson Jan 96 R285
Bandon B v Passage Mar 96 R294
Ard-na-Laoi Douglas hall Shakehands Mar 96

Corinthians Cup final Jun 96 R309
Ballyvolane v Greenmount Nov 96 R325

Cork Soccer Honours Nov96 R326

Cork Soccer Honours Nov96 R326

Cork Soccer Honours Nov96 R327

Cork Soccer Honours Nov96 R327

Bandon Maymount U17 final NO 2 Dec 96 R330
Glanworth F Murr Fairview Dec 96 R331

AUL annual awards #7 Aug97 R371

Blarney M. Ly Buttevant Sep 97 R373

Injury to Coachford Ml Walsh Sep 97 R376

Bandon Crnthns Sep 97 R377

Refs Leeside B Dunbar A Nov 97 R386
Cork Soccer Honours Nov97 R389

Cork Soccer Honours Nov97 R389

Cork Soccer Honours Nov97 R389
Hillington Dessie's lens Dec 97 R397

Wilkins Shakehands Jan 98 John Wilkins Crns Ted Callanan Stanley Knott Everton R402 

Hibs U17s shakehands v Bvant Feb 98 N Aherne R407

Ard-na-Laoi v Villa AUG 98 R427
AUL  RoY  C Byrne w. T O'Mahony Aug98 R429

AUL  RoY  C Byrne w. brothers

Greenwood  Mark O'Flynn Kinsale Sep 98 (2)

Bandon, M. O'F, Grattan Jan 99 R471
Hillington Ardmanning Pres final  No 2 Jan 99 R475

Referee Con Dineen Aug99 R508
Hibs  v Bosco's Sep 99

Evergreen KK College Crnths Refs Feb 00 R558

Lakewood 12s FAI semi #2 Apr00 R577

Pearse v Bandon Crnthn final Apr 00 R578

Bandon Rockmount u17s final May 00 No2 R588

Blarney Utd Leeside  May 00 No 2 R588

Blarney Utd Leeside AOH replay No 5 May 00 R594

Ref of Year D Deady #2 Aug00 R608

Mayfield Ref Greenwood Sep 00
Hibs v Glenvale Oct 00

Cobh Celtic P O'S Blackstone Shake Nov 00 R623    
AOH 50th #5 May01 R665

AOH 50th #9 May01 R665
AOH 50th  May01 R665

AOH 50th  May01 R665

AOH 50th  May01 R665
Blarney Utd Sep 01 No 6 684
Kinsale P. C. Mayfield Sep 01 R686
Passage TT Buttevant Sep 01 R688
Cork Soccer Honours 2001 R699
Cork Soccer Honours 6 2001 R700

Cork Soccer Honours 9a 2001 R701
Ard-na-Laoi TM Ballincollig Nov 02

AUL v Tipp South 18s 21.11.03

AUl v Wexford 01.02.04

Ballincollig A Hill Celtic B 10.04.04

Ballincollig Blarney 16.05.04

Ballincollig Hill Albion 21.02.04

Ballincollig Leeside 06.06.04

Ballyvolane Greenmount 31.05.04

Blackstone Knocknaheeny 20.12.03

Blarney 18s Grattan 29.05.04

Referees Captains 04 final Blarney v Greenmount

Blarney Togher 05.12.03

Brooklodge Glenthorn

Buttevant Inter City 16.05.04

Carrigtwohill Greenwood 18.10.03

Corinthians final. Casement Northvilla 08.06.04

Cork Soccer Honours 2003

Dillon's Glanworth 4.10.03
Dillon's Togher Rvrs 3.1.04
Douglas Hall Tramore Ath 02.01.04
Douglas Hall Waterford Bohs 26.03.04

Dunbar Passage 17s 15.05.04
Everton Tramore 17s 08.05.04

Glencairn Grattan 2.11.03

Grattan Kinsale 11.05.04
Grattan v Villa 13.12.03

Grattan Village 31.01.04

Grattan WFTA 25.01.04
Greenmount Park 16.05.04

Greenmount Pike 22.02.04, above & below

Hill Celtic Macroom 04.04.04

Kilreen Togher B 01.06.04

Kinsale Carbury 14.12.03

Kinsale Carrick 08.02.04

Kinsale Glenea 18.01.04

Knocknaheeny Bohs 07.02.04
Lakewood Rathcoole 30.04.04
Leeside Grattan 29.02.04

Mayfield Fairhill 13.03.04

Maymount Blarney 8.03.2004
Maymount Glenmore Dundrum 4.1.04

Passage 17s Douglas Hall 25.10.03
Passage 17s Wilton 28.02.04
Passage Bunratty 07.02.04

Passage Maymount 17s 11.05.04

Togher C Byrne Rockville 19.10.03

Togher Kinsale 16.05.04
Tramore 17s Passage 21.05.04
Village B Togher B 25.10.03
Village UCC 17.04.04
Village v Kinsale 20.03.04

Damien O'Mahony, Referee of the Year 19.08.04
AUL MSL youths 05.12.04
AUL v Shipping 21.11.04
Forde Focus. Ballincollig Everton 23.04.05
Ballincollig Tower Street 12.09.04
Ballintotis Mayfield 24.04.05
Ballyvolane B Glanworth 18.12.04
Ballyvolane Glen Celtic 28.08.04
Blackpool Mallow 28.11.04
Blackstone Inter City 08.01.05

Carrigaline Lakewood 18s 29.04.05

Carrigaline Temple 18s 07.11.04

Castleview Coachford 16.10.04

Central Rockville 05.02.05

Churchview Crescent 08.05.05

Coachford Park 28.05.05 Ref: Tom Tully

Corinthians Lakewood 18s 12.12.04

Cork AUL Mayo 20.02.05

Dunbar Wilton 18s 14.11.04

Evergreen Afton Villa 06.11.04

Fairhill Greenmount 05.09.04

Fairhill Park 09.10.04

Glen Watergrasshill 13.02.05

Grattan Greenmount 19.03.05

Greenmount Village 03.04.05

Greenwood Corkbeg 30.10.04

Greenwood Wilton 16.04.05

Hillington Blarney Street 12.12.04

Inter City Park 10.04.05

John O'Sullivan tournament Sep 2004

Kinsale Crosshaven Oct 04
Lakewood Everton 18s 10.10.04
Lakewood Tramore 22.05.05
Leeds Coachford 09.01.05
Leeds Greenwood 19.09.04
Leeside Mayfield 18s 02.01.05

Leeside Maymount 27.02.05
Leeside Richmond 18s 06.03.05

Mayfield 17s Tramore 23.04.05
Mayfield Ballincollig 03.10.04
Mayfield Corinthians 17s 07.05.05
Mayfield Dripsey 04.12.04
Mayfield Grattan Shakehands.jpg
Mayfield Lakewood 05.03.05
Mayfield Passage 25.09.04

Maymount Cork City 28.11.04
Midleton Tramore 18s 19.12.04
Midleton Tramore 26.09.04
Parkview Examiner 19.12.04
Passage C Knockavilla 02.10.04
Pearse Casement 25.09.04

Ringmahon Kinsale 22.01.05
Rockville Grattan 28.08.04
Rockville Village 27.03.05
St Mary's Blarney 17.10.04
Village B Bohs 29.01.05

Village Buttevant 12.03.05
Village Crescent 16.10.04

Wilton Corinthians U17 12.02.05

Ballincollig Springfield Co Cup final 30.05.06

Churchvilla Dunbar Saxone final 22.05.06
Peacemaker. 13.05.2006

Kinsale Passage 27.11.05 Linnane League Cup final

Maymount Passage 02.10.05

Eddie Mullins Ard-na-Laoi Kanturk B 05.11.06 (above & below)

AUL Annual Awards 24.08.06 Referee of the Year John Linehan

AUL Annual Awards 24.08.06. Damien O'Mahony, newly married ref.
Ballyphehane Wilton 06.12.09 final

Castleview v Kinsale 02.12.06 Gene Stephens
Cork Soccer Honours 09.11.06 Tony Hennessey 

Cork Soccer Honours 09.11.06 Eddie Mullins
Crescent Blackpool 29.10.06

Glen Celtic Knockraha 26.11.06
Glenthorn B Donoughmore 18.11.06
Glenthorn Kinsale 28.10.06
Hillington  Killumney 17.12.06
Hillington Greenwood 15.10.06
Lakewood Ballyphehane 25.11.06

No more of that please! Pearse v Wilton 04.11.06
Ard-na-Laoi Kanturk B 07.01.07
Ballyvolane v Glen final 28.05.07
Coachford v Leeside 11.05.07
Dillon's Cross Hibernians 17.02.07

Grattan v Macroom President's 06.05.07

Hibernians v Lakewood 29.05.07 final
Sean Barry with Buttevant wall. Inter City Buttevant 28.01.07
Knockavilla v Passage final 27.05.07

AUL AWARDS 23.08.07. John Lyne Referee of the Year
Linnane League Cup final. Ballyphehane Kinsale 30.11.07
Blackstone Village 27.10.07
 FAI Junior Cup, Mayfield, 09.02.08, Grattan Utd 1 Castlebar Celtic 1, Celtic won 5-3 on pens., 

Grattan City Wanderers 18.11.07

Kinsale Park 10.05.08

Kinsale Park Utd 23.05.08
Leeside Village B 19.01.08

Mayfield Blackstone 12.01.08

Mayfield Leeds 23.02.08
Saxone Cup final, Turner's Cross, Rylane Celtic 0 Waterloo 0, Rylane won 4-3 on pens., 01.04.08,

Saxone Cup final, Turner's Cross, Rylane Celtic 0 Waterloo 0, Rylane won 4-3 on pens., 01.04.08,
ref Pat McAuliffe

Hillington Rathcoole 25.08.07

Ballincollig Watergrasshill 01.06.08

Ballyphehane Ballymun 12.01.08

Tom Tully Grattan 25.05.2008

Ballyphehane Moville 26.01.08

Blackpool Glenvale 27.01.08

Blackstone Wilton B City final 31.05.08

Steven O'Connell, Michael Monahan (Postal), referee Jim Haines, Aidan Walsh (Carrigtwohill) and Graham Duffy. St Michael's Cup final, Turner's Cross, 30.03.08, Carrigtwohill Utd 1 Postal Celtic 0 (aet), 

Dillon's Glanworth 05.01.08
 AOH Cup semi-final, O'Neill Park, Grattan Utd 1 Kinsale (aet), 03.05.08, 

 Cork AUL Premier League, O'Sullivan Park, Castleview 0 Kinsale 5, 12.04.08, Billy Lyons 12.04.08.
Referee: Stephen O'Connell

President's Cup final, Turner's Cross, 09.04.08, Coachford 1 Leeds 0, 

Tom Tully AUL Referee of The Year 20.08.08
08.08.23 Castleview Rathcoole Rvrs Tony Thompson

08.08.30 Ballyvolane B Buttevant

08.09.06 Mayfield Watergrasshill

08.09.07 Leeds Rylane Barry Buckley

08.09.14 Leeside Macroom Michael O'Farrell

08.09.20 Blackstone Springfield Gene Stephens

08.09.21 Douglas H Greenwood Pat Murphy

08.09.27 Glenthorn Villa

08.10.04 Village Ballincollig Tony Thompson

08.10.18 UCC Killumney

08.11.09 Dillon's Cross Dunbar

09.02.07 Mayfield Ard-na-Laoi

09.02.14 Ballincollig Knockavilla

09.02.21 Douglas Hall UCC Ref Con Long

09.03.07 Pearse Central Ted Callanan

09.03.14 Grattan Wilton Gene Stephens

09.04.03 Kinsale Wilton Pres final D Morley, D Daly J Harte

Three refs at 09.04.10 Carrigtwohill Watergrasshill Ml's final Gene Stephens, Connie Long, Mark O'Flynn

09.04.10 Carrigtwohill Watergrasshill Ml's final John Lenihan, John Lyne, Tony Murphy

09.04.11 City Wndrs Kilreen Sax final

09.04.25 Central Glen 2B decider

09.05.10 Innishvilla Watergrasshill Co final

09.05.10 Leeds Wilton City final

09.05.31 Blackpool Crescent Crnthns final Tony Murphy, John Linehan, John Lyne

09.06.01 Ballyvolane Kinsale Linnane final Gene Stephens, Pat Murphy, John Lyne