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Teams and Action October November 1999

Teams & Action October November 1999 
Ref: R528 R529 R530 R531
Thanks to many of you for sharing and retweeting these pics. Quite a few clubs are not on Facebook or Twitter and others have folded. Please share these photos on the internet as best you can as a lot of work has gone into scanning them and please acknowledge the source https://www.facebook.com/CorkBilly/ . Be sure too to download and keep copies for your own club.
Hibernianx Gary Prout Nov 99

Hibs  Nov 99

Hibs v Bosco's action Nov 99

Hibs v Bosco'sx action Nov 99

St J Bosco's Nov 99 R529
Ballyvolanex Nov 99 R530

College Corinthiansx Nov99 R530

Crescentx A Oct99 R531
Rockville Crescent Oct99 R531

Rockvillex  Oct99 R531
Ballincolligx Nov99 R528
Casementx C Nov99 R528