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Mayfield United Photographs Part 2

Springtime Soccer 1998

Springtime Soccer 1998
January February
Ref: R404 R406 R407 R408
Thanks to many of you for sharing and retweeting these pics. Quite a few clubs are not on Facebook or Twitter and others have folded. Please share these photos on the internet as best you can as a lot of work has gone into scanning them. Be sure too to download and keep copies for your own club.
Ballinloughx Team of Month presentation Feb98 R408

Blarneyx Utd Coca final Feb 98 R408

Evertonx Co Co Cup Feb 98 R408

Everton Co Co Cup Feb 98 R408

Everton Co Co Cup Feb 98 R408
Buttevantx 17s Feb 98 R407

Buttevant Comm members Feb 98 R407

Hibernianx U17s action v Bvant Feb 98

Hibs U17s shakehands v Buttevantx Feb 98 referees

Hibs U17s in Bvant Feb 98
Maymountx Celtic Team of Month presentation Jan98 R404

Leesidex Feb 98 R406

Pearsex Celtic Feb 98 R406