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Please forgive the unsolicited email however  one of our Colleagues, Roy Browne has an issue and is in need of urgent assistance.

His little daughter Anna is a happy, determined and vivacious 7-year-old little girl who received a diagnosis of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy only last year at 6 years of age. 

This is the same operation the Little Abbey McGeough, the Late Eddie's Great Grand Daughter underwent last year with huge success.

The operation needs to be done before a certain age for it to have any chance of success so the clock is ticking. When I spoke with Roy and Evelyn , Anna's parents they told me that the biggest challenge for us to make this opportunity a reality is to raise the €100 000 required to cover the cost of the operation, therapy requirements, follow up treatments and travel to and from the US. Fundraising is our best hope of providing Anna with this once in a lifetime opportunity and we need as much help as possible. We worry about who will referee what game.

The full story of Anna is online: http://isrscork.com/urgent-help-needed/

You can donate through various means and all are mentioned online. I would say though that it may be better to donate through the Branch.

Please please please share the link to the page above and help Anna to have this life changing surgery before it is too late!