Action and Teams Autumn 1997

Action and Teams Autumn 1997
October November 1997
Ref: R382 R383 R384 R386
Thanks to many of you for sharing and retweeting these pics. Quite a few clubs are not on Facebook or Twitter and others have folded. Please share these photos on the internet as best you can as a lot of work has gone into scanning them and please acknowledge the source . Be sure too to download and keep copies for your own club.
Dunbar Celtic Nov97 R386

Leeside B Nov 97 R386

Refs Leeside B Dunbar A Nov 97 R386
Blarney Utd V Passage No 3 Nov 97 R384

Rockville Nov97 R384

Village United Nov97 R384
Blarney Utd Nov 97 R383

Blarney Utd v Passage Nov 97 R383

Passage Nov 97 R383
AUL team Oct97 R382

AUL team Oct97 R382

Mahon United Nov97 R382