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Lots of Cork winners - April May 1983

April May 1983 Refs: C15, C14, C13 CORK SOCCER NOSTALGIA
AOH CUP Presntn May 83 to Central Rovers

Brideview Co Cup semi May 83

Buttevant Co Cup semi May 83

Central Rvrs AOH winners May 83

Corkbeg Saxone winners May 83 C13

Crofton Cel Sax semi May 83

Ringmahon R AOH finalists May 83

St J Bosco's Ml's Cup D Barry May 83

St J Bosco's Ml's Cup winners May 83

St Mary's May 83 C13
Glenvale Enterprise Cup R's up May 83

Greenmount H Speight Enter Cup May 83 echo

Greenmount R Enterprise Cup winners May 83
Carrigaline R's Up Pres Cup May 83

Corkbeg Pres winners May 83 C15

Grattan Utd AOH semi Apr 83 C15

Passage St Ml's semi Apr 83 C15

St Mary's MYC semi May 83 C15