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Soccer: By Tony Fitzgerald
All clubs should note that Legislation is going through the Seanad at the present time to make it compulsory for every individual working with Children to undergo a Tutors Course organized by the Club through the FAI.
Clubs will be in breach of FAI rules for this new season and at some stage in 2016 they’ll be breaking the law once Legislation is passed, by allowing untrained coaches work with players under the age of 18.
I know the Cork Development Officers David Bell and Stephen O’Mahony have emailed all clubs and there has also been information sent out in a variety of other ways so I’d say every club has been informed more than once and perhaps just don’t realise the implications if there is a problem down the line.
Clubs are requested to contact Nick Harrison, e-mail: nick.harrison@fai.ie, who will organize the Tutors’ Courses. Courses will be organized locally at just €10 per person. Any coach who does not attend course will not be permitted to work in any capacity with players under the age of 18 years.
A few clubs, Park Utd, Carrigtohill Utd, Crosshaven AFC, and Lakewood Ath are in the process of organizing courses in the very near future, but it is incumbent on all clubs to organize courses in the immediate future.
Nick Harrison, nick.harrison@fai.ie
Stephen O’Mahony, stephen.omahony@fai.ie

David Bell: david.bell@fai.ie