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Mayfield United Photographs Part 2

Best of luck to Kilreen in next week's FAI final. All the other fixtures.

Daly  Industrial  Supplies Youth League  Fixture
Saturday May 2nd 2.30 k.o

Daly Industrial Supplies Youths Premier
Leeds               V               Everton            Leeds Pk             J Mannix
Sunday May 3rd  2p.m k.o
F A I Umbro Youth Cup Final
Bohemians F.C            V           Kilreen Celtic       Frank Cooke Park    F.A.I
Tuesday May5th 7.pm k.o
Daly Industrial Supplies Youths Premier League
Leeds                         V             Rockmount             Leeds Pk     J O Riely
Wednesday May 6th 7.pm k.o
Kilreen Celtic           V              Mayfield Utd          Murphys Farm   K O Sullivan
Saturday May9th 2.30 k.o
Rockmount               V              Killreen Celtic       Rockmount Pk    M Barry
Sunday  May 10th 11am k.o
Murphy Cup Final 
Leeds                         V             Everton                  Turness Cross   D Buckle K O Sullivan D Daly
Daly Industrial Supplies Youth Premier League
Wednesday May 13th 7.pm k.o
Leeds                         V            Kilreen Celtic            Leeds Park        K O Sullivan
Saturday May16th 2.30 k.o
Killreen Celtic          V            Everton                    Murphys Farm    J Mannix
Wednesday May 20th 7.p.m k.o

Killreen Celtic          V           Leeds                          Murphys Farm   M Barry