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Here is the Cork AUL Panel for the up-and-coming games in the Oscar Traynor Competition.

Name:                                      Club:                            Position:
Brendan Keating                     Springfield                  Goalkeeper
Ian Fitzgibbon                         Park United                 Goalkeeper

Mick Barrett                            Park United                 Defender
Jonathon Murray                     Kilreen Celtic              Defender
Dane Holland                          Kilreen Celtic              Defender
Wayne Hogan                         Kilreen Celtic              Defender
Ger Rice                                  Innishvilla                   Defender
Sean Taggart                           Tower FC                    Defender
James Falvey                           Glenthorn Celtic         Defender

Jason McGrath                        Glenthorn Celtic         Midfield
Howard Coakley                     Glenthorn Celtic         Midfield
Dave Dineen                           Park United                 Midfield
Gary O’Connor                       Park United                 Midfield
Pa Long                                   Glen Celtic                  Midfield
Vinnie Lonergan                     Glen Celtic                  Midfield
Jonathon Murphy                    Kilreen Celtic              Midfield
Sean Caulfield                        Kilreen Celtic              Midfield

Mark O’Sullivan                     Grattan Utd                Forward
Karl Holland                           Kanturk                       Forward
Colin Stack                             Park United                 Forward
Alan Jeffers                             Kilreen Celtic              Forward
Scott Callanan                         Kilreen Celtic              Forward
Alan Greaney                          Kilreen Celtic              Forward
Barry Donovan                       Glen Celtic                  Forward

Ciaran McCarthy                    Glenthorn Celtic         Forward