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Sean Fitzpatrick RIP
                                                          President Springfield AFC

It's a sad day for football and football people in Cobh to hear of the death of Sean Fitzpatrick  . He had such honesty and enthusiasm for the schoolboys football and anyone who spent any time in his company was enriched. The great thing about Sean was he made everyone feel they knew him well. He always had time to speak to you and share his passion for the schoolboys football and Springfield. His involvement started as a founder member of Springfield Schoolboys club in 1959 and he helped put the foundations and standards in place which has seen schoolboy football flourish in Cobh over the last 50 years. During this time Sean gave his time as a coach and committee member and no one was prouder than him to see the club develop into such a successful soccer nursery, producing players with the ability and skill level to play at the highest level for their country and in the English Premier league. Speaking to him at the recently Sean told me of his pride that  schoolboy football continued to thrive in Cobh with the establishment of Springfield Ramblers, the under 16 team winning the national cup and the development of the Astroturf. Sean was really proud that two of his grandnephews Ger and Stuart Burns are continuing the family tradition coaching Springfield Ramblers Teams. In conclusuon the following quote written in the history of Springfield by John Murphy R.I.P. sums up Sean and his fellow founder members.
“These men were ahead of their time. The knowledge thye imparted to us. We enjoyed our involvement so much, they developed a spirit in us and made us fell good,they gave their time to a generation of Cobh youth,they will live forever in our souls.”


John Coughlan