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AUL Promotion\Relegation for season 2012-13.
Just to remind everyone again, the Promotion and Relegation system used this season will be the same as season 2011-13 and will be as follows:

Premier:                       2 Relegated.

Premier A:                   Two automatically promoted. Two automatically relegated.

Third from bottom will play the winners of a playoff game between the two second place teams in the League 1 and League 1A.

If the play-off team wins the game against the third bottom team from Premier A then they will be promoted and third from bottom in Premier A will be relegated to first division.

If the third bottom team wins then they will stay in Premier A.

First Division:             One automatically promoted. Two relegated from each section.

Two second placed teams will play off for the right to play the third bottom team in Premier A in a play off for an extra promotion/relegation position.

Second Division:         Two automatically promoted/Two automatically relegated from each section.

Third Division:            One from each section automatically promoted.

Three second placed teams in each section will take part in a round robin league to decide on the fourth team to be promoted to second division.