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Cork Ref's Charity Trek to Everest Base Camp

Cork Referee Treks to Everest Base Camp
 to help Kids in East Africa.
John in his Ref's Jersey on Kilimanjaro 2010...... again for Childaid....  www.childaid.ie

Cork referee John Linehan tells us why he is heading on a charity trek to Everest

"After visiting Mukuru Slum in 2010 with Childaid I have decided to try and raise some more desperately needed Funds for the Kids in Nairobi.

On March 3rd I am travelling to Nepal to Trek to The Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5,364 metres (17,598 ft) in my Referees Kit.

Right, I know some will say Charity begins at home. I agree, however when I was in Africa I witnessed DESPERATION beyond anything I ever saw. 

On my last night on Kili I after "washing" with Baby wipes only for 5 days, changed my socks & underwear which I disposed of in a bin. Shortly afterwards a local removed same and sneaked them into his pocket..... Now, that is poverty that we are lucky enough to have never seen. This is why I am so passionate about doing more to help these fellow Human Beings."

Find out more, including how to sponsor John, here