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Received this note recently.
Anyone interested, can you please contact Michael.

Hi Barry,
My name is Micheál Monahan and am playing football with a club calledWesthill F.C. in Aberdeen, Scotland.

I previouly played with Postal inthe AUL.Wondering if you could assist me as Westhill would like to arrange afriendly against a Cork side in July.
We would like to arrange afriendly for Saturday 7th of July and if not Saturday 14th July (oreven late June) as the Aberdeen Amateur football season begins 4thAugust.
We are currently looking at flights and accomodation but would like tohave a friendly set in stone prior to booking.

Ideally we would liketo play against a team who would have the facilities of a dressingroom & showers as otherwise the team would have to travel back to thehotel for showers!Would really appreciate your help in arranging this.

Is it possible toput an advertup on the AUL website to see if there is any interest. Would you knowof any club who would be keen for such a fixture?
My number is +44 7530641623.
I can give you a call to further discuss?
Please see attached the clubs website if you would like to put this on the AUL website. http://westhillfc.co.uk
Regards, Micheál