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We all know that football is full of people who consistently give selflessly of their time and energy over the years to the sport they love but, in some cases, they never get the proper recognition.
I would like very much to be given the opportunity to portray such people that come under this category who have represented their clubs with such distinction in the AUL notes on the Evening Echo pages over the coming months.

The following would be some of the criteria that can be used to help identify such people.

1. Someone who has given substantive yet unrecognized contribution for a significant length of time for their club and sport.
2. Someone who has maintained the drive over the years who goes that extra mile to make all the difference.
3. Someone who was the driving force behind many of the significant projects and objectives for their club over the years.

But, in general, you the clubs will be the best judges as to who your unsung hero or heroes really are.

If you think you have someone at your club who fits this criteria and who has NOT got previous recognition, please let me know and I will arrange to have him\her profiled on the Evening Echo pages – sometime in the near future.

An interview and some photo shots can also be arranged.

Yours in Sport,