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Joseph Daly (snr) and son Joseph Daly of  Daly Industrial Supplies-Stihl, who have sponsored Cork Youth League since it started in 2005
Lord Mayor Terry Shannon gave a big welcome to the Cork Youth League at a reception in the City Hall last (Thursday) evening. He had an especially grand hello for the FAI Youth Cup won by league member Cork City last season. But he stressed the office of the lord Mayor is “available to all the clubs”.

Mr Shannon is very enthusiastic about the city, its history and culture and invited all present to his chambers to see the various artefacts built up over the years. “This is the 75th anniversary of the City Hall and there are celebrations to come.”

John Finnegan, chairman of the league was next to speak and he described the joint move by the AUL and the MSL to form the league back in 2005 as “the best decision ever made....we have worked very well together and we want that to continue”.

The League announced the formation of a new U19 division and Finnegan described that “as a very important step forward.” It obviously has good support as some 23 teams have signed up for this grade, bringing the total number of teams (including 17s and 18s) to 70.

John Delaney, the FAI’s chief executive, was present, as he was when the league was founded. “In 2005, I was here to see the MSL and the AUL join up in a visionary move. It was a terrific decision.” He also had much praise for volunteers in sport: “We can't have clubs without them” and urged parents to get involved and encourage their children.

Like the other speakers, he paid generous tribute to the Dalys, Joe senior and Joe junior, on their sponsorship of the league from the beginning through their company Daly Industrial Supplies-Stihl.