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Mayfield United Photographs 1980-2001


"I have been living in Cork for 3 years as a student and I travel back home to Wexford every weekend to play which is often a 5 hour journey by bus. As I am in my final year this will no longer be possible. If it isn't too much bother could you recommend a couple of teams I could get in contact with in or around the city that I could join next year."
"I am very committed and have a strong drive and passion for football. I'm 22 and have two player of the year trophies at a and b team mens. However due to college commitments I have only been playing B team football the last couple of years."
" I'm looking for a good, well organised club and would be happy to play at b or c team level (with opportunities at least to progress to the a team). If you can give me any recommendations it would be highly appreciated."

You may contact Dean at docenn@hotmail.com