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A quick review after tonight’s results:
AUL 1: No huge surprises here with both Carrigtwohill and Springfield winning their games.
Carrigtwohill are now looking very strong at the helm and although Springfield are well in there still with a chance, you have to wonder a bit if they can really bite into this enormous amount of league games they have in hand - in a positive manner.
That of course remains to be seen yet.
At the other end of the table, Shandon Celtic’s defeat away to Springfield is not too much of a concern for them, the fact that Boscos were also beaten 3-0 by Glen Celtic.
Here is a cut-down version of the table after tonight’s results.
1. Carrigtwohill P17 Pts 42 games to be played 22
2. Dillon’s Cross P19 Pts 39
3. Leeside B P19 Pts 33
Springfield are 7th after playing 10 with 22 Points

AUL 1A: This section now - without doubt is a two horse race and after the ‘Hall’s 6-0 win away to Richmond, they take over the helm above fellow title challengers Kilreen Celtic who did not play tonight.
Here is the situation.
1. Douglas Hall P17 Pts 41 games to be played 20
2. Kilreen Celtic P16 Pts 40

AUL 2: Innishvilla continue to set a blistering pace here once again and after tonight’s 5-1 victory over Blackpool Celtic, you have to fancy them to take the title.
The battle at the bottom continues and after Inter City Celtic’s 4-3 win away to Kinsale, this massive three points could now make them safe. But, Dunbar and Casement are not out of the woods by any means after they both drew 2-2 tonight.
1. Innishvilla P15 Pts 42 games to be played 18
2. Hibs P14 Pts 33

AUL 2A: After tonight’s results, this one has also turned into a two horse race with both Crescent and Millstreet winning their games.
Near the bottom, Killowen’s 1-0 win to-night over Waterloo pushed them away from the danger zone.
1. Crescent P16 Pts 39 games to be played 18
2. Millstreet P16 Pts 38

AUL 2B: No doubt, the massive result of the night here was Cathedral Celtic’s 4-1 away win over Brooklodge. This certainly puts them right back into the picture again although Watergrasshill still has the upper-hand with three points to spare.
The basement battle was very interesting here also and there is no doubt but that Central’s 4-1 win over Churchvilla was a massive three points. Glanworth’s 3-2 win over Castle was also a huge result for them.
1. Watergrasshill P18 Pts 41 games to be played 20
2. Cathedral Cel P18 Pts 38

So, another interesting weekend lies ahead, will be back again on this space next Tuesday night with all the results and reviews.