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Thursday, 20-May-10
League 1: Douglas Hall 2 Postal Cel 1; Killumney Utd 3 UCC 1; Kilreen Cel 7 Richmond 0.

As expected, the top three won tonight, but it was no stroll in the park for Douglas Hall who had to come from a goal down to eventually run out 2-1 winners in the end after Postal pushed them all the way.
Killumney also had to fight back after UCC took the early lead, but they two secured the points in the end.
Kilreen had a massive 7-0 win over Richmond and is still very much in contention as they continue with their terrific form.

Here is a cut-down version of the League 1 table now as it stands for the top three.
1. Killumney played 25 points 60 (1 game to go)
2. Kilreen played 24 points 56 (2 games to go)
3. D. Hall played 23 points 56 (3 games to go)

What about Saturday's clash now between Kilreen and Douglas Hall at Kilreen Park?.
A win here for Kilreen would really put the cat among the pigeons.

If you are going to the AOH Cup Final tomorrow night, please try to avoid parking in Mercier Park opposite the ground as the residents are not happy with the congested car parking that seems to be happening outside their homes over the last couple of weeks.
Gardai have been contacted and have been putting parking tickets on cars deemed to be inappropriatly parked.


  1. Barry you have the League 1 table incorrect. Kilreen have only one remaining game.


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