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Following on from the visit of the FAI CEO, Mr. John Delaney, to a recent delegate meeting seeking club’s support to purchase Vantage Club Tickets for the new Iconic AVIVA Stadium in Lansdowne Road I wish to make the following points:

Purchasing 2 tickets on a direct debit scheme will cost € 50 per week, which is practically the same as an urban match fee for a Premier team.

Raffle 2 tickets for the opening game against Argentina-a sell out game- Sell 500 tickets @ € 20 per ticket raising € 10,000

Have raffle for 2 tickets for the most important home game-we are guaranteed a 1st seeded team in our qualifying Euro and World Cup campaigns-Again sell 500 tickets @ € 20 per ticket raising € 10, 000 per campaign.Implementing b & c will practically pay for the two tickets after just 2 raffles.Having 1 raffle per year will mean your club will make a handsome profit somewhere in the region of € 76,000 over the 10 years.

I strongly recommend the project and would urge all teams to support this campaign to enable the FAI to have our own home which is badly needed.

I have heard numerous supporters over the years, myself included, complaining that the FAI did not have a home of our own and this is now every supporter and soccer lover’s opportunity to be a part of the future of soccer in this Country and in the long term raise much needed funds for your own club.

I can assure all Amateur Clubs that the FAI are fully committed to ploughing money into the grass roots of football and if the clubs now support the FAI they will be assured the FAI will honour that commitment to help develop facilities.

There are other add on benefits i.e. being able to purchase tickets etc for the concerts that will be held in the AVIVA Stadium but my primary interest is the success of the Stadium for Soccer and we all have a part to play in ensuring that this project will benefit Soccer in this Country for future generations.