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08.08.23 Castleview v Rathcoole Rvrs

Dear Club Secretary,

I am emailing you on behalf of Kinsale Soccer Club to ask you for your help, as you know by now we have begun a fundraising campaign to help us build a dressing rooms on our grounds on the Forthill Kinsale.

I have recently sent you tickets for our Super draw which we would be more than grateful if you would sell or buy these tickets on behalf of your club.

We have also enclosed free tickets for you/your club and an entry form for a fabulous free draw when you return the sold stubs with 120 Euro.

We believe any club in the AUL who are trying to improve their facilities deserve support for these ventures. It would be great if we could all try and help each other to achieve these goals so that we can enjoy playing at each other’s grounds.

So I again ask you to help us in this ambitious venture and look forward to hearing from you soon.Please do not hesitate to text/ring me with any questions you may have.

Yours in sport

Ger Foran.

Draw Co-ordinator