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Hi Billy, I'm still on a bit of a high after what happened Saturday to be honest.
It'll probably only sink in durin the week about what we have achived.
Its fantastic the messages on the website an even since we have got back the congratulations that we have been gettin from people we know an a lot we dont an I have a feelin it only the start of things.
I just wanted you to put my own words down on the site,I know im part of the team but i'd still like to pay my compliments to a truly historic team an a well deserved win.
Here goes.
"Greatness cannot be bought,it cannot be learned from a book,it cannot be passed down from father to son,it has to be achived" "Then an only then will you be deemed truly great".
"Cork Aul Oscar Traynor Champions 2008/09" --- Gavin O'Mahony

See Martin Conlon's full report on final at:
Published on 3/10/09 8:44 AM