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Quite a few of you have been in touch with Robby O'Donoghue in Dubai (see previous post). He is delighted to hear from you:


I have got lots of emails from long ago friends in football, thanks to your website, I am most grateful to you Billy , I owe you big-time.

As Eddie O'Halloran calls it in his emails to me "Blasts from the Past".

I had a look at your photos in the website and saw Verolme FC, well I was a young engineer in Verolme Cork Dockyard, Cobh, we used to have games against Fords, Dunlops, Gouldings in the inter-house league in the summer time when the AUL was on its summer break.

There were lots of great players from all the clubs in Cork working in these Factories, they played with great rivalry, it was a tough baptism for a young guy like me playing against all the much older seasoned fellows, but I enjoyed it.

We in the Verolme team had John (Seanie) Dennehy St Marys, Mick Flynn Cobh Ramblers, Ollie Devine Cobh Ramblers, Liam Noughton Cobh Ramblers, Tim Stack Cobh Ramblers, Micksey Lyons St Marys, Bertie O'Sullivan ex Cork Celtic in goals and I know there was lots from the north side clubs but can't remember their names