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article by David Hall
As you all may know last year I entered a comment on the blog in relation to the importance of clubs seeking full and proper medical intervention when it comes to the treatment of players at their club.
I would like to take this opportunity once again to reiterate the importance of such steps and the likely success of implementing a physiotherapy scheme at an amateur football club. Before we embarked this season one of the most important associations I needed to make for Leeview was to open an account with an approved sports physiotherapy provider.
As we have all seen from events at Birmingham at the weekend football can be an unforgiving sport and at times very hazardous. Whilst we cannot prevent injuries like the one Eduardo received I believe it is the responsibility of Clubs throughout the county to ensure the safety and well being of their players whilst training and on match day.
Issues such as alcohol intake and poor diet are items I’ve touched on before in which I encouraged clubs to take a more professional approach to the health of theirs players no more so has the improved diet of a club had such an effect than at Spurs who won the carling cup on Sunday.
I would on this occasion like to highlight the benefits of utilizing physiotherapists and other allied medical professionals to treat persistent injuries and to prevent future muscle or rheumatologic damage.
Leeview have greatly benefited from the use of our physiotherapists to such an extent I can claim our current league position has been helped in no uncertain terms. I have had an ever present centre half this year after an issue with fallen arches was identified, I have had support and advise on niggling ankle injuries that has allowed players to rest and come back with no reoccurrence of their previous injuries and most importantly I have had a fully fit forward line to choose from despite groin and hamstring problems all year.
Physiotherapists costs can be expensive for some clubs but at Leeview we don’t have much money but what we do have we believe should be invested in the health and well being of players.
The pitches we play on week from week most of the time aren’t great and due to the heavy rain we have had groin injuries can be prevalent as well as ankle sprains. I would encourage all teams to look at their clubs own medical review be it a proper first aid kit and someone qualified to use it or an alliance with a proper medical professional or an association with a physiotherapists or an allied health professional judging by the weekends events you never know when you might need it.
David Hall


  1. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Hi Dave,I'm involved with various clubs doing remedial massage and sports injury treatment.All of what you said i very true.Prompt treatment to an injury help the player back to fitness a lot sooner than a player that lets time do the healing.The GAA are miles ahead in this profession, having injury therapists at training sessions as well as all games. I guarantee cover to all clubs that book through me for treatment. My no. 086 3578478 at the Fairhill sports injury & remedial massage clinic.


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