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To all the clubs out there who have their pitches looking so well as we reach mid-November. Our pictures shows one from Mayfield United but I have seen many others (including Water Rock Park yesterday) which are looking very well indeed, well cut and well lined.

Great also to see such excellent time-keeping for AUL fixtures. Referees have said it to me and, of course, I have seen it myself, week in, week out: both teams ready well in advance of kickoff. Aidan Downey of Millstreet is one manager who deserves praise as, on a recent Sunday morning, he had his young charges down in Passage in good time to do their warm-up and ready with time to spare for a 10.45am kick-off.

Indeed, I have been “caught out” by an early kick off back in September. I strolled up to Silverheights to see Village and Dunbar only to find proceedings had started about ten minutes early and as a result I missed the team photos!