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08.08.23 Castleview v Rathcoole Rvrs

from referee Stephen O'Connell


The convenience of the internet brings us many offers and advertisements in regards to our interests.

I have been refereeing in Cork for the past 12 years and use it to escape the house on a Sunday morning just like all of us. Some e-mails are circulating the net with advice on screening of athletes and I was delighted to see on the AUL blogspot comments from our sports colleague at Leeview AFC, Dr David Hall, in relation to health screening for athletes and I completely agree with him.

Its great to hear the views of someone so highly qualified as him and who is aware of the local football scene. Mens health issues and screening are best addressed in the relationship between the family GP and patient.

From time to time one day first aid sports related courses with cert are offered locally by various parties. Some publish the content in advance in the form of e-mail and appear to have a very large and busy schedule for one days work. Sometimes the terminology used in these
courses are more medical than words commonly used in first aid.

Personally I feel as a former first aid instructor that the “Occupational First Aid Course “ which is either a three day event or 2 hours for 12 nights is the best way to learn and become certified as a first aider. I feel the voluntary First Aid bodies like St Johns Ambulance, Order of Malta, and Irish Red Cross , who cover many sport events and offer these courses at night for a small fee are the most experienced in delivering the first aid course.

I feel their longer course taught more slowly is the best way for clubmen to learn fist aid.
Stephen O Connell
Nat Registry of Paramedics
& Army Medical Corps


  1. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Hey. It is good to hear that people value the courses offered by the voluntary services.

    Visit www.stjohnambulance.ie to see the courses we offer in the Cork Region.

    St John Ambulance, Cork City First Aid Courses and Ambulance Services


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