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Sports Medicine Ireland has been supporting the Beslan Fund since October2004, shortly after the dreadful terrorist massacre in School No. 1 inBeslan, North Ossetia.We are also supporting the Beslan Fund's multisport day on April 1st next,the details of which are attached. I would be eternally grateful to youif your club could assist us in our endeavours, and if you could forwardthis notice to any other sports contact that you may have.

Further details are available at www.beslanfund.ie

With kind regards and sincere best wishes,Colin G. GogginDirector Sports Medicine Ireland


Here is your chance to help the children who survived the Beslan School Massacre.

On Sunday 1st April next (or the day before), we are asking sports participants throughout the country to play their sport and make a donation to the Beslan Fund as part of our National Multi-Sport Day.

Proceeds from the day will finance the work of the educational foundation which has been established by the Beslan Fund. Its aim is to forge closer and ongoing links with the children of Beslan through music, art, sport, language studies, and student exchange programmes.

The world hardly needs reminding of the dreadful atrocity that was perpetrated against 176 children and 155 adults in School No. 1 in Beslan, North Ossetia.

While the grief in Beslan is still palpable over two years later, with many of the townspeople still dressed in black and their voices still quivering with emotion, the work of the Beslan Fund has now turned to the educational needs of the town’s children and teenagers.

Ireland has long been held in very high regard among the people of North Ossetia, and this was reinforced with Ireland’s response to the Beslan massacre. Now, the children from Beslan will become regular visitors to Ireland through our educational programmes.

A number of schools in Ireland, both primary and secondary, are being selected to be partner schools to the new school in Beslan. Regular video links will be established between the schools and projects will be undertaken by the children to enable a greater understaning of each other’s culture.

To inaugurate the educational foundation, we are bringing a group of children from Beslan to Ireland, to visit the partner schools.

Help us make this possible now by being part of our National Beslan Fund Multi-Sport Day.

Contact your club secretary to see how you can play a part and donate to the fund. Check out www.beslanfund.ie