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Mayfield United Photographs 1980-2001


Looks like a full programme this coming weekend, fingers crossed. Don't forget preview pages must be filled Friday and Saturday evening in the ECHO. Are you loooking forward to your game? What is the health of the panel? Any injuries, suspensions, etc. Any club news? Developements? Fund-raising events coming up?

If you want your piece (big or small) in Friday's Echo, please email me before 6.00pm Wed while the cut off time for Saturday's ECHO is 6.00pm Thursday.

At the weekend, don't forget to ring in your match details to 087 7937789 between 5.00 and 7.00pm on Saturday and between 1.00 and 6.00pm on Sunday; texts and voice mails also welcome. Emails to billylyons@eircom.net but remember that the same deadline of 6.00 on Sunday applies here also.

Please don't ring before 5.00 on Sat and 1.00 on Sun as I won't be home from my games.