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14th September, 2006
Ref: Superdraw 2006 / 2007

Dear Secretary ,

I am writing to let you know that College Corinthians will again be running our Superdraw this year – now in its 19 th year – and to highlight to you how the Superdraw presents a tremendous fundraising opportunity for your club.

The mechanic of the Superdraw is very simple:
· A Draw tickets costs €30 – this entitles the purchaser to entry into three Draws (one in December, January and February)
· 35 Prizes in each Monthly Draw – a superb range of prizes including cars, family holidays (including a trip to the Champions League Final in Greece), LCD TVs, Home Cinema Systems, Digital Cameras etc.
· College Corinthians organise and pay for everything to do with the running of the Superdraw – tickets, prizes etc.

So how can your Club use the Superdraw to fundraise ? I have attached an Information Pack with all the details, for consideration by your committee, but the basics are as follows:
· Your club applies for an allocation of tickets to sell in the Superdraw (Ticket Application form attached)
· For every ticket which your Club sells you keep 50% of the proceeds i.e. €15 per ticket sold!

A number of AUL clubs successfully utilise the Superdraw to fundraise each year. As an example, Carrigaline United generate over €30,000 each year for their Club through the Superdraw!!

I would very much hope that you seriously consider using the Superdraw to fundraise this year. Should you wish, I and the Draw Committee would have no problem attending one of your Committee Meetings to answer any queries you may have – I can be contacted at Superdraw@gmail.com or at the numbers below.

Details of the draw launch are as follows:

Venue: Beamish & Crawford Hospitality Suite

Date: Wednesday, 20th September 2006

Time: 6pm

Yours sincerely,

Joe Healy - Chairman

Tel: 021-4365513