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AUL Results on Tuesday, 14th June plus latest on League standings:


Tuesday, June 14:

AUL 3: Greenwood B 2 Strand Utd B 6, Coachford B 1 CFC Banteer 1, Temple Utd B 2 Los Zarcos 3.

AUL 3:

At this point in time - following Tuesday's results, it looks like the League 3 title is Shandon Celtic's if they can get four points from their remaining two games. However, the situation could still change, but without getting bogged down in permutations and combinations, Los Zarcos can celebrate promotion to the second division as runners-up if they can manage a win away to Coachford B on Thursday night which would continue to put a little pressure on Shandon as Los Zarcos will still have two games left. So, let's see what happens at the Glebe on Thursday.

More updates to follow: See below for latest standings in League 3.