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AUL Result on Thursday June 16


Thursday June 16:

AUL 3: Coachford B 2 Los Zarcos 3.

As you can see now from below, the race for the third division title has become a two horse race with Shandon still holding on to the advantage, but with both sides having just two games left, it's certainly after turning out to be a nerve-wrecking finish here. Tonight's result was huge for Los Zarcos and it has  certainly gauranteed them second division football next season after clinching the runners-up spot.

Here's the remaining games now left for both sides.

On Sunday morning, Los Zarcos play host to Boscos B, then their last game will be away to Grattan United B on Thursday, June 23rd.

For Shandon, it will be a trip to the Glebe next Sunday morning to take on Coachford B and their last game will be away to Boscos B on a date yet to be scheduled - sometime next week.

As you can see below, the picture paints a thousand words. Shandon need a win and a draw to win the title while Los Zarcos negotiate with their two last games on a positive note - hoping to keep the pressure on the leaders - what a fight to the finish.