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The death has occurred of KATHLEEN O'SULLIVAN...

Local Teams in Spring of 1986, also FAI U17s

Spring of '86
Feb, Mar, Apr 1986.
Ref: R7, R8, R9

Midletonx 18s Mar 86 R8

AULx AOH Cup draw Apr 86 R9

Douglasx Hall 13s Apr 86 R9

Douglas Hall v Villax Apr 86 R9

Douglas Hall v Villa No 2 Apr 86 R9

Douglas Hall v Villa No 3 Apr 86 R9

Irelandx 17s Apr 86 R9

Springfieldx 13s Apr 86 R9

Refereesx Tony Hennessy Mar 86 R08

Rockmountx 18s Mar 86 R8
Cork AULx youths Mar 86 R7

Leesidex Feb 85 R07

Midletonx 17s Feb 86 R7

No ID Feb Mar 86 R7 Midletonx v ?? refereesx
Not a great shot. No info on the occasion - can anyone fill me in!

Wiltonx Utd Mar 86 R7