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I'm currently in the process of compiling final submissions to variousfootball clubs in England and Europe with a view to trying to put on anotherbig day in Dunmanway in West Cork like the one we had in 2009.
For the final pitch I want to put together a photo journal of that famous day in 2009 to show prospective clubs how the event went on the day itself.

I'm thereforelooking for photos from anyone who attended the game.
I'm particularlylooking for more photos in relation to the stadium (full and empty) and pictures of the pitch and images of large collections of fans but in general I am interested in any pictures taken on the day.

I know it was 3 years ago and some people have long forgotten the event but if you have any photos or if you know someone who was at the game who also have photos please share this post and ask them to send on what they have.
The email address to send them to will be halldavid20@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to receiving your pictures.