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Here’s a couple of points to note when sending results into me.

1. If at all possible, can you please include the player’s names that got the goals – in the order they scored and if possible include the times (roughly). The more information the better and always remember that players like to be acknowledged for their efforts – especially when they score.

2. Please send as much detail as possible whether by text or e-mail.

3. As I am attending matches like yourselves on Saturdays and Sundays, please allow for 1 hour approx after games before contacting me as I am driving home from games and unable to take notes. Otherwise, feel free to text me with as much detail as possible or e-mail.

4. Note: these pages on the Evening Echo are really for you the clubs so, avail of every opportunity to utilise them. Please feel free to contact me anytime you want sponsorship exposure publicised - be it write-ups, photographs etc.

Finally, thanks so much to all the clubs that are helping to make the usual editorials possible from week to week by submitting details of your games.
To those who have not made a contribution, it is never too late and you are more then welcome to do so now.
I will do my best to make room for everyone.

Yours in Sport,