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This is the 2nd year of the Melbourne Cup, a pre-season tournament for Youths players. Last year saw Wexford Youths lift the trophy. This year the competition include Carrigaline United FC, Cork City FC, Crumlin United FC, College Corinthians and holders Wexford Youths. The tournament kicks off on Friday night at 5.30pm and continues for the weekend. There are 5 matches on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, the final taking place at 5pm. Some of the top Youth Teams in the country are playing in this competition so there is sure to be a very high standard of football.

Itinerary for the Melbourne Cup 2010.(Subject to change on weekend).

Friday 13th August 2010 4.30pm Registration
Friday 13th August 2010 5.30pm Crumlin United Vs Cork City FC
Friday 13th August 2010 7.00pm College Corinthians Vs Carrigaline United
Saturday 14th August 2010 10.30am Wexford Youths Vs Crumlin United
Saturday 14th August 2010 12.00md College Corinthians Vs Cork City FC
Saturday 14th August 2010 1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch
Saturday 14th August 2010 2.15pm Wexford Youths Vs Carrigaline United
Saturday 14th August 2010 3.45pm Crumlin United Vs College Corinthians
Saturday 14th August 2010 5.45pm Wexford Youths Vs Cork City FC

Sunday 15th August 2010 11.00am Carrigaline United Vs Cork City FC
Sunday 15th August 2010 12.20pm Wexford Youths Vs College Corinthians
Sunday 15th August 2010 1.30-2.30pm Lunch
Sunday 15th August 2010 2.45pm Carrigaline United Vs Crumlin United
Sunday 15th August 2010 5.00pm Melbourne Cup Final (1st Vs. 2nd)
Sunday 15th August 2010 6.15pm Presentation of Honours