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I am dropping you a short not to introduce a new online web service thatutilizes sms/texting and e-mail to help ease the headaches of organisingyour football teams. We hope it will be a valuable tool over the coming season.
Teamer will save team organisers and money, by automating game/event notifications, sending to both mobile phone and email, and collating all responses in a single team page. And here's the best bit, Teamer doesn'tcost anything to use, and that includes FREE sms/texting to all team members, no catch !
We'd be delighted if you took the opportunity to check out this innovative approach to football team management. We are sure it will make life a whole lot easier for team captains/managers in your club.

If you get a chance,have a look around the site, maybe set up one of your teams, and see how much time it will save you chasing player availability every week.

To sign up just follow the link

Yours Faithfully
Niall McEvoy

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  1. Hi

    Niall here from

    We had a wonderful response to the blog post by Billy, so thanks Billy for giving an Irish start up a leg up on your blog.

    We have quite a few teams from Cork using the site, and would be keen to get any and all feeed back we can, so to all those out there that have either looked and run, or to our many early stage (all footie teams) users in Cork, feel free to email or call us with your comments and suggestions, especially for things that you think would enhance the service further.

    We will be releasing some pretty cool new features within the next week dealing with game cancellation and meet location for games.

    Looking forward to hearing from a from a few of you.



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