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We have been instructed by the FAI that we must now adhere to rule 112 and that all yellow cards must be noted and a fine imposed for each one. Clubs are also asked to supply an email address of a responsible person within the club so that notification can be sent to this email address regarding fines owed and any suspension incurred regarding this rule. Please send the email address to conlonmartin@eircom.net.

1. A caution (yellow card) is a warning from the referee to a player during a match to sanction offences as identified by Law 12 of the Laws of the Game. A caution shall result in a fine and one point recorded against the player. A caution in any game must be reported to the League concerned and a record must be kept by that league. No caution may be appealed.

2. Two cautions received during the same match incur an expulsion and, consequently, an automatic suspension. The two cautions that incurred the red card are rescinded. The following are the fines that will be imposed for yellow cards: first yellow - €5 fine; second yellow - €5 fine; third yellow - €10 fine; fourth yellow will incur an automatic suspension and a fine.

Clubs will be informed every two weeks as to the amount of fines that they owe for yellow cards.

Player Registration forms
Any club that has not already returned their player registration form must do so by this weekend as failure to do so will result in fines being imposed at the next management committee meeting for playing unregistered players. from Martin Conlon